Petralia, J. folder graphicTalk about a résumé.

Joe Petralia has served as art director, creative director, designer and producer of nationally award-winning advertising, packaging and other marketing materials for names you know. A few include:

Nokia Cellular
Rhino Industries
Honor ATM Network
J.C. Newman Cuesta Ray Cigar Company
Arturo Fuentes Cigar Company
Fragata of Spain/Camancho Specialty Foods
Vision Cable
The Rowdies
GTE Data Services

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His endless creativity is matched only by his unwavering attention to details, deadlines and budgets. Small wonder then that Joe has served as a creative force in a number of the Tampa Bay area’s most successful ad agencies for more than two decades. Among them are Petralia Advertising/Design, Chenoweth, Ellis & Faulkner, and Peak Barr Petralia Biety, Inc.

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