adman graphicIt’s what separates you from your competition in the quest for new business.

The Petralia Edge is an extremely effective and experienced advertising and marketing firm unlike any traditional agency. We don’t have high-rise offices in a high-priced tower. You’ll find no marble on our counter tops. It’ll be one of us who picks you up at the airport. Not a limo.


Because we are your alternative to the traditional overpriced, overhyped ad agency. We are a lean, streamlined marketing machine that creates national caliber advertising materials at a down-to-earth rate.

We think that sets us apart. And we think that’s exactly what today’s clients want in an ad agency.

Joe chooses great talent.

At The Petralia Edge, clients receive the benefit of not only Joe's experience but also the experience of his seasoned team of advertising specialists. These include designers, illustrators, photographers, copywriters, new media experts, broadcast producers and others who are handpicked to match their talents to your account's needs. Each is in a class of his or her own; award winning, committed to client satisfaction, and most of all, intent on effectively selling your company's brand.

The Creative Team (Click the links below to check out the team.)

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